Body Indulgence Massage Therapy

Conveniently Located inside Jagger Bay Tanning Co.

Find your peace of mind and relieve all those stiff muscles by treating yourself to a much deserved massage. Massage Therapy can help alleviate muscle tension and stress from your work, hobbies and day to day life. New Clients receive 25% off their first massage. Massage Therapy is available 6 days a week, by appointment only. To schedule now call 815-543-3718 or go to her Facebook page and click on the 'Schedule Now' button.


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Call to book your Massage today with Robyn Anderson of Body Indulgence Massage Therapy!



15 Minutes        $15

30 Minutes        $30

45 Minutes        $45

60 Minutes        $60

75 Minutes        $75

90 Minutes        $90

Special Massage Therapy Packages Available.

            Types of Massage:


                Deep Tissue

          Trigger Point Therapy